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TicketDesq is a secure cloud-based online ticketing solution for events of any scale. TicketDesq gives you full database access to custom information, which means you hold the keys, not your ticketing company. Your tickets, your revenue, your data.

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TicketDesq's online ticketing platform provides a solution for events with attendees from ten to tens of thousands. Whether you require a ticket solution for fundraising dinners, sporting events, VIP functions, awards nights or event day management with box office sales, TicketDesq can tailor a ticketing solution for any event at any venue.

Identity & Branding

A beautiful form needs to be complemented with a great branding. Our product uses your brand and identity not ours.

User Experience

At the heart of everything we do lies a great user experience. We take pride in our interfaces and really think and test them through


We design and implement solutions focusing on a great user experience for you.

iOS Development

We're awesome at coding iPhone and iPad apps. We'll help you from idea to the finish application.


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

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We help build solutions from idea to post-event. We're experts at web & mobile ticketing, access control, entry procedures & event planning.

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